Eear Privacy Policy




1.1       Please be cautious, while using the software and services, and do not to disclose your information such as property accounts, bank cards, credit cards, third-party payment accounts and the corresponding passwords and other important information, otherwise any loss caused shall be at your own expense.


1.2       While using the software and services, you shall not publish the information that you believe to be private, nor to transmit the information to other people through the services of the software. Otherwise if privacy leakage is therefore caused, you shall take the liabilities and consequences on your own.


1.3       Eear may collect your personal information and data when providing you with services, Used for activities and functions of Eear, or to better provide services to you (including but not limited to ranking, nearby people, etc.). Personal information includ but not limited to user name, gender, age, date of birth, interests and hobbies, etc. User data includes but not limited to location data, audio information, personal Internet records and common equipment information.Provisions and requirements by state laws and regulations, policies are excepted.


1.4       Eear shall not be held accountable for the following incidents:


1.4.1       Eear provides your personal information in accordance with the laws or requests of the relevant government authorities and judicial authorities;

1.4.2       Disclosure of any personal information caused by the fact that you have communicated your account and password to others or shared your account with others, privately transferred your account;

1.4.3       Information leakage due to hacker attacks, computer virus intrusion;

1.4.4       Information disclosure due to force majeure;

1.4.5       Other personal information disclosure incidents not caused by Eear.


1.5       Eear pays close attention to the protection of personal information, and resorts to a variety of security technologies and systems to protect users’ personal information. You agree to be bound further by Eear’s privacy policy at, incorporated herein in this Agreement by reference. If you do not agree the Agreement, please stop your browsing of our website, your installing of our software and delete the software from your device if you have already downloaded it.



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